Link’Alia was founded in 2011, made of 3 companies acting in complementary activity fields:

  • BSB: develops and builds machines for the coiled sheet metal work, decoiling lines, straighteners, feeders and shears.
  • CEPIA: expert in electrical engineering and industrial automation, designs and develops automation systems, that are integrated to the equipment or production processes.
  • TECHMA: expert in mechanical maintenance and big capacity machining, operates on cutting and stamping presses. Its performs preventive and curative maintenance operations, operates also in other activity fields like mechanical maintenance of wheeled vehicles.

Over the years, Link’Alia Group has developed and is now well known for its reliability and its seriousness. You can count on the know-how of a team of 80 employees.

The Group brings global solutions to the manufacturers acting in the transformation of sheet metal like:

  • Automation and processes,
  • Equipment for coiled sheet metal work,
  • Maintenance for horizontal and vertical presses,
  • Maintenance for quarries and public works, re-use of waste,
  • Maintenance of wheeled vehicles,
  • Precision engineering and machining,
  • On site renewal and machining,
  • Refurbishment.

In 2017, we operate in the following activity fields: automotive, electronics, building, food craft, furnishings, cosmetics … – Our 50 vehicles drive 1 million kilometres each year.

The Group is based in Flers, in Normandy, in the department of Orne (61).