Preventive and curative maintenance

press maintenance

Curative maintenance:

  • Intervention throughout France
  • Complete refurbishment
  • Kinematic
  • Slider geometry
  • Clutch/Brake
  • Sliding guides
  • Balancer

Machined parts:

  • Supply and manufacturing of parts according to drawings
  • Supply and manufacturing of parts according to models

Preventive maintenance:

  • Intervention throughout France
  • Expertise
  • Maintenance contract (maintenance program, …)

Technical services:

  • On site 3D measurement
  • Laser lineage
  • On site machining
  • Downtime measurement
  • Clutch/Brake overlay
  • Force sensor
  • Vibration analysis

We offer you the definition of a preventive maintenance program to ensure the durability and reliability of your cutting/stamping presses. The flexibility of our technical team linked to our capacity of machines/tools give you reactivity in our intervention and as well as a great mastering of our execution.