Straighteners with rollers

Straighteners with rollers designed for steel sheet up to 14 mm thickness and 2 100 mm width for all kind of materials.

From 5 to 11 straightening rollers (or more on demand)

From 2 to 4 driver rollers (pinch rolls)

Possibility of micro sandblasting and hard chrome plating of the driver rollers.

Hardened and grinded rollers (62 HRC).

Motorization by asynchronous motor with speed variator.

Our straighteners can be equipped with the related options:

  • Reinforced beams for the high-strength steels;
  • Counter-rollers for high-strength steels;
  • “Crocodile” opening allowing the access to the rollers for cleaning operation;
  • Motorization of the adjustment of the straightening rollers;
  • Combo Straightener/Feeder